Testimonial Statement  – Chatham Illinois


Mr. Pat McCormick always complimenting us, “Thank you for all that you do for my wife. You all go above and beyond!”

Family of Sharon “Jenine” Ridge at Reflections in Chatham said, “Your staffs are all very kind and caring. We always recommend anyone who is looking for a place for their parents.”

Edith Cape’s daughter, Diane Cape, often says, “Thank you for all that you do for my mom!”


Testimonial Statement – Washington Illinois


Reflections Memory Care has truly been a blessing for our family. At a time when we had no thoughts of needing assistance we get “the call”. Mom has lost her caregiver and she is 1000 miles away. After a quick trip with my sister to assess her needs and make some intermediate arrangements, we make the decision to bring her to Illinois. What a scary situation. After looking at several places we were denied placement and many of the choices were grim prospects. Then we found Reflections, Melanie, and her staff and this was the perfect answer. Melanie worked with us on all aspects of her move. We had issues with the long term health care company but she was patient with our requests and she was knowledgeable of what we needed to satisfy their demands. We were eventually successful but she stuck with us through the long grueling process.

The move was thankfully uneventful and we were met on our arrival by a welcoming and loving staff. My daughter had prepared a beautiful room that is cozy and has lots of light. Very comfortable! Now Mom thinks she is staying in a five star hotel and she is happy with that aspect. The meals are delicious and she always says that she liked whatever they were served.

The staff is very well trained and know how to deal with the memory issues. I see no arguing or raised voices. I see loving friends who always engage with the residents and often give hugs and comfort. It is not easy with the continued questioning of an Alzheimer’s patient or wandering issues but I feel they handle the care well. And when Mom is up at 3:00 a.m. looking for comfort or food she is allowed to have the freedom of choice as if at home. The staff always provides activities and I have found the most engaging moments with Mom while working picture puzzles or just sitting with the other residence and families. They are now her family as well.

I will say that this move has not been without it’s trials but Reflections has always been there to support us and comfort us when we see Mom’s decline. Never have I felt it was an imposition when I called just to see how Mom was doing. We have worked together on so many issues to make it an amazing transition. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the opportunity to spend time with my Mom here in Illinois and see her on a regular basis. It seemed so overwhelming to think of making a journey with her and dealing with a move of an 83 year old mid stage Alzheimer’s patient. But we had a lot of support and we knew when we first met Melanie and her staff that this was doable and Mom belonged here. Our Reflections family will always hold a special place in our heart.

– Peggy McFeeters (Daughter of Viola Stiber – resident at Reflections-Washington)